Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research interests: porous materials, electrodes, energy storage 


Professor Gostick has been exploring the use of electrospun nanofibrous materials for electrode applications. The electrospinning technique allows for substantial control over the structural properities of the resultant product, so they can customize materials with targeted structural properties. Simultaneously, his group has been developing various modelling tools to help in the search for the optimum structure of a given application, including overall cell scale models of performance, down to sub-pore scale models of fluid flow and reaction. 

He has recently demonstrated materials that performed significantly better than off-the-shelf commercial materials in Vanadiaum flow battery tests conducted in collaboration with colleagues at MIT. 


  • Post-doc, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • PhD, University of Waterloo
  • MASc, University of Waterloo
  • BENg, Ryerson University 
Jeff Gostick
University of Waterloo