Assistant Director, Research Programs

Dr Lisa Pokrajac is University of Waterloo graduate, first earning her BSc at UW in the Honours Applied Chemistry, Co-operative Program, and then going on to do a Masters degree at the University of Toronto in surface analysis.  She returned to Waterloo for doctoral studies in the Department of Chemistry investigating the oligomerization properties of the cholesterol-dependent toxin pyolysin.  Lisa has a strong interest in education, and has completed a Certificate of University Teaching at Waterloo’s Centre for Teaching Excellence.

The Assistant Director (AD), Research Programs provides higher level coordination and management of WIN’s scientific and engineering programs. These include academic and corporate partnerships program, faculty awards program and scientific outreach program. Lisa takes an active role in organizing scientific workshops, visits and events.  She is also involved in writing and communications activities including technical writing support for marketing and funding applications.

Lisa Pokrajac

University of Waterloo