Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering; University Research Chair

Research interests: microjoining; wire bonding; laser and resistance microwelding; diffusion brazing; nanojoining and nanofabrication


Professor Norman Zhou’s program fosters quality research in micro- and nano-joining, and aims to strengthen Waterloo’s position as a global leader in this area.

Zhou is the Director of the Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ) at Waterloo. Under Zhou’s direction, and in accordance with the chair project, the primary goal of CAMJ is to develop new and innovative technologies for materials joining, including micro- and nano-joining. CAMJ collaborates with leading companies in the industry for research and development. In addition, CAMJ trains students at all levels and collaborates with students from foreign institutes of excellence to extend the research to a global scale.

Zhou earned his PhD from the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. Zhou worked as a Materials Scientist at the Fuel Development Branch, Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd, Chalk River, Ontario, Canada and also worked as a Senior Research Engineer at the Microjoining and Plastics Group at the Edison Welding Institute, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. Zhou has published over 100 peer reviewed journal papers and recently edited the first comprehensive book on microjoining and nanojoining.


  • PhD, Metallurgy and Material Science, University of Toronto, 1994
  • MSc, Welding Engineering, Tsinghua University, China, 1986
  • BSc, Welding Engineering, Tsinghua University, China, 1983

Norman Zhou

    University of Waterloo