Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Research interests: micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS); microbotics; biosensors; biomanipulators


Professor Patricia Nieva is an expert in micro and nanotechnologies and in particular, the development of microsensors, nanosensors and integrated sensor system solutions. She has established a multidisciplinary research program that aims to build novel sensing methodologies to enhance vehicle’s safety and performance as well as point-of-care health monitoring and medical diagnosis. Nieva is involved in projects such as embedded sensors for in-line performance monitoring of Lithium Ion battery cells for electric vehicles and highly sensitive handheld cardiac monitors to measure the concentration of proteins in blood commonly linked to heart attack to alert patient’s doctor before symptoms appear.

Nieva’s work focuses on chemical and biological photonic sensing technologies involving fiber optics and nanostructured plasmonic devices as well as high-temperature MEMS capacitive, vibrational, interferometric and infrared sensing technologies. Her work also spans reliability studies of microsystems, in-situ characterization of material properties of thin films and the manufacturing of metallic nanoparticles for sensing applications.


  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University (U.S.A.), 2004

  • MSc, Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University (U.S.A.), 1999

  • BSc, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, National University of Engineering (Peru), 1987

Patricia Nieva

University of Waterloo