Guoxing Miao

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research interests: spintronics for information processing; nanodevices based on new spin systems such as topological insulators; synthetic diamonds


Professor Guoxing Miao joined the ECE Department in September 2012. He received his BSc from Shandong University, China, in 1999. He then moved to Brown University, USA, and received his MSc in 2003 and PhD in 2006. After graduation, Miao joined Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory at MIT as a postdoctoral associate, and later on promoted to Research Scientist in 2009. In 2011, he moved to University of Waterloo, Canada, joining the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) as Research Assistant Professor in 2011, and the Electrical & Computer Engineering department as Assistant Professor in 2012. He remains cross appointed with both IQC and ECE department.

Miao's research interests lie in spintronics, using precise electron spin manipulation for information processing. His research effort has strong emphasis on nanodevices established on newly emerging spin platforms, such as synthetic diamonds and topological insulators, where information can be processed coherently on the quantum level, rather than digitally on the classical level.


  • PhD, Physics, Brown University, 2006

  • MSc, Physics, Brown University, 2003

  • BSc, Physics, Shandong University, 1999

Guoxing Miao


Professor Guoxing Miao’s research focuses on a specific aspect of the electrons - their spin degrees of freedom. Spin-based nanoelectronic devices offer improved performance and scalability compared to their classical counterparts. As the device dimensions shrink towards nm range and below, quantum information is further harvested from the spin systems which lead to even more powerful information processing capabilities.

Much of the research efforts are devoted to the interplay between different, sometimes incompatible, spin systems. Quantum mechanical tunneling across a sub-nm insulator barrier readily converts a system’s spin information into a well detectable voltage signal. These are known as magnetic tunnel junctions and are widely used in industry as sensitive magnetic sensors and non-volatile data storage elements. Based on the same platform, spin logic devices with much reduced power consumptions are readily achievable by applying unconventional electrode and barrier materials, as well as inducing and manipulating pure spin current flow across controlled channels.

Miao’s research also branches into some of the newly discovered spin systems. Topological insulators, where electrons are strongly correlated into a quantum spin Hall state, are known to host a type of exotic quasiparticles when coupled with superconductors, another condensate of paired electron spins. Such a system is the ideal candidate for realizing quantum computing in a pure solid state fashion because of the innate error tolerance associated with its topological nature. Braiding and detection operations are performed with gated nanobridge structures. Another major project involves diamond single crystals. When carefully doped with nitrogen atoms at selected positions, diamond matrix can create a pair of trapped electrons and form a sub-nm spin system. Such a defect center, known as an NV center, maintains extremely long spin coherence time that is suitable for quantum information processing, and at the same time, exhibits high sensitivity to external magnetic fields therefore also suitable for spin information extraction. By shifting away from conventional optical detection of the NV centers and introducing electrical detections on the system resonance, integration with classical electronics is now made plausible at the cost of certain functionalities. Overall, Miao’s research team place strong emphasis on nanodevice fabrication and advanced materials synthesis, in search for an ideal information platform that will take us to an era beyond silicon.

Research Interests

  • Spin memory and logic devices, CMOS compatible

  • Topologically protected 2D spin system

  • Diamond spintronics with electrical detection


Recent publications include:

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