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Zhongwei Chen

WIN Fellow; Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials for Clean Energy

Research interests: Advanced nanostructured materials and electrodes for fuel cells, metal-air batteries, lithium sulfur (Li-S) batteries and various next-generation batteries.

Jatin Nathwani

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research interests: engineering design and operation, optimization of safety and economics, planning for energy infrastructure, risk assessment, engineering code of practice, science and energy policy, data analytics research

Siva Sivoththaman

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health

​Research interests: silicon-based crystalline and thin-film photovoltaic devices; design and fabrication technology 

Boxin Zhao

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research interests: fundamental and practical aspects of adhesion, wetting, and friction of soft bio-nanomaterials, e.g. polymers, liquid crystals elastomers, and biological tissues, under micro- and nanometer confinements. Two major areas of interests are the design and fabrication of "smart" biomimetic devices with tailored physical, chemical, and interfacial properties and the development of novel conductive adhesives as a lead-free and multifunctional joining alternative for electronic packaging.