International Doctoral School in Functional Materials (IDS-FunMat)

Earn two degrees and a full salary while studying jointly at two top universities.

IDS-FunMat is an international doctoral programme in functional materials funded by the Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union. The school offers scholarships for PhD projects in functional materials science, carried out in co-supervision between two universities from a consortium of 9 participating institutions. The 9 universities in the consortium are:

  • Bordeaux, UB1 (France)
  • Grenoble, INP (France)
  • Caen, UCBN (France)
  • Paris, UPMC (France)
  • Louvain la Neuve, UCL (Belgium)
  • Liege, ULG (Belgium)
  • Waterloo (Canada)
  • Darmstadt (Germany)
  • Lisboa, IST (Portugal)

In most projects, an industry partner is also involved. The PhD candidates must spend at least 6 months in each university. The projects start in October and take 3-4 years. The funding is as follows:

  • Each fellowship is for 3 years.
  • Up to 7500€ for travel (one time).
  • 600€/month for supervisor.
  • 2800€/month for student.

Current projects through the program

Supervisor: Eric Prouzet
Integrative Chemistry applied to the fabrication of nanocomposite materials for sensing and electronic applications

Supervisor: Michael Tam
Designing stimuli-responsive soft nanostructures for biomedical applications

Supervisor: Michael Tam
Design and development of biodegradable and biocompatible cellulosic nanogel systems

Supervisor: Hany Aziz
Organic Photovoltaics: Active layer concepts for increased feasibility