List of Core Graduate Courses for MEng Students

Students completing the the Master's of Engineering (MEng) degree are required to complete two of the one-term graduate level courses from the list of core graduate courses below. These two courses will count towards the eight graduate level courses required for the degree.

Core Courses Instructors
ME 620 Mechanics of Continua K. Inaal
ME 621 Advanced Finite Element Method K. Ghavam
ME 631 Mechanical Metallurgy R. Varin
ME 632 Experimental Methods in Materials Science A. Gerlich
ME 640 Autonomous Mobile Robotics S. Waslander
ME 649 Control of Machines and Processes S. Jeon
ME 651 Heat Conduction G. Schneider
ME 652 Convective Heat Transfer M. Renksizbulut
ME 653 Radiation Heat Transfer K. Daun
ME 662 Advanced Fluid Mechanics S. Yarusevych
ME 664 Turbulent Flow C. Devaud

Please Note: Students completing one of the three GDip programs in conjunction with the MEng degree are allowed to use the GDip mandatory courses toward the 2/8 core course requirement.