What is Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics engineering is the design of computer-controlled electromechanical systems. The essence of it is that the design of the mechanical system must be performed together with the design of the electrical/electronic and computer control aspects that together, comprise a complete system.

Some examples of mechatronic systems include: a CD or DVD player; a computer hard disc drive; a fly-by-wire aircraft control system; and an anti-lock braking system (ABS). Each of these products is essentially mechanical in nature, but could not function without the integral design of the electrical and computer control systems that are critical to their operation.

Mechatronics engineering undergraduate program 

The mechatronics program at the University of Waterloo is administered by the department of mechanical and mechatronics engineering. The courses taken in the mechatronics program differ significantly from those taken in the mechanical engineering program.

Half of the second and third-year courses in mechatronics are provided by the systems design engineering and electrical and computer engineering departments. This makes the mechatronics program ideal for students seeking a broad, interdisciplinary engineering education that is highly integrated and focussed.

Today, the University of Waterloo's mechatronics program is unmatched in terms of content and integration, making it a highly sought-after program for today's students. Admission to the program is highly competitive.

Students are required to participate in the work/study (co-op) program, which entails completing five work terms in industry. The degree, a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Mechatronics Engineering, is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).

What do mechatronics engineers do?

Mechatronics engineers today are changing the world by:

  • Developing advanced prosthetics for amputees
  • Creating Internet of Things (IOT) devices
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Mechatronics engineers use a multidisciplinary and systems-based approach to develop the "intelligent" electromechanical devices and integrated systems present in our daily lives including: smartphones, 3D printers, satellite systems, intelligent vehicle systems, wearable devices.

Career possibilities:

clipart robotic system

Design and implementation of robotic control systems

clipart wearable device

Design and creation of wearable devices

clipart 3D printing icon

Development of next-generation additive manufacturing (3D Printing) systems

clipart vehicle

Design and development of electric, hybrid, and autonomous vehicles.


The opportunity to design a new engineering program does not come often. A group of professors from Mechanical Engineering, Systems Design Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering set out to design the 'ideal' Mechatronics curriculum in 2000. With a virtual clean slate, a set of courses was selected from the three engineering departments that would provide students with the desired combination of skills.

Whenever the contents of an existing course did not meet the desired requirements, a new course was designed. After much effort, we now feel that we have a program that is unmatched in terms of content and integration. When viewing the curriculum, the courses designated as MTE are the newly designed courses specific to the Mechatronics program; ME courses are from the Mechanical Engineering program, ECE courses are from the Electrical & Computer Engineering program, and SYDE courses are from the Systems Design Engineering program.

What can you do with a degree in mechatronics engineering?

University of Waterloo graduates often pursue careers in product and software design, technology analysis, program coordination, and more. They usually work for technology companies, manufacturers, and telecommunications companies.

See where some of our outstanding MME alumni are now, as shown below.

Ambreen Visram portrait

Ambreen Visram

UWaterloo alumna who is currently a Solutions Engineer at Splunk Technology.

Visram earned her Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2021.

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Embark Trucks founder with UWaterloo President

Embark Trucks

Launched by former mechatronics engineering students Alex Rodrigues and Brandon Moak, Embark Trucks recently announced a proposed merger deal to go public, with a market capitalization of US $5.16 billion. View the full feature at UWaterloo News.

Mihaela Vlasea

Mihaela Vlasea

UWaterloo alumna and associate research director of the Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing (MSAM) Lab, was recognized by a leading industry association as one of the 20 most influential academics in smart manufacturing. She specializes in metal additive manufacturing (AM), a.k.a 3D printing. View the full article at UWaterloo Engineering.

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