Canada Research Chairs


CRC chairholderDr. Amir Khajepour

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems

Amir Khajepour

Synopsis: Professor Amir Khajepour is working to develop and enhance active vehicle stability systems to reduce car crashes and rollovers, which result in thousands of injuries and deaths every year in Canada. Khajepour works on hybrid and electric vehicles to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. He is also developing a revolutionary adaptive suspension system that will provide added passenger safety, reduced fuel consumption, solid tire manufacturing opportunities and extra comfort.

CRC chairholderDr. Norman Zhou

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Advanced Materials Joining and Processing

Norman Zhou

Synopsis: Today, miniaturization is a distinctive attribute of a vast array of high technology products, from computers and consumer electronics to medical and automotive devices. Manufacturing these complex products depends on the availability of advanced joining technologies. Professor Norman Zhou work focusses on developing new or improved microjoining processes and on increasing scientific understanding of microjoining. This includes research on topics such as bonding mechanisms and metallurgy, thermal stresses and distortion, and numerical modelling which is of immediate interest to the telecommunications and medical industries.

CRC chairholder: Dr. Duane Cronin

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Trauma Biomechanics & Injury Prevention


Synopsis: Dr. Cronin research lies in the field of impact biomechanics, which studies the trauma/injury induced to the human body in response to high impact forces (such as vehicle collisions) to find methods to prevent such injuries. More specifically he specializes in impact mechanics, auto crash simulation, material characterization applied to trauma biomechanics and multi-material lightweight vehicles. To understand collision events at the fundamental level, advanced numerical models and hydraulic test frames that measure mechanical properties are used in his research. His research often involves detailed human body models to improve safety equipment such as helmets and ballistic protection. 

CRC chairholder: Dr. Ehsan Toyserkani

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing


Synopsis: Dr. Toyserkani has over 17 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing (AM) and related processes. His research aims to produce the next generation of AM processes to numerous applications in medicine and engineering. To achieve this, him and his lab (the largest AM lab in Canada) have developed many innovative products and techniques including bio-additive manufacturing, smart structures, embedded optical sensors and closed-loop control systems. His work has many practical applications today such as biodegradable biphasic porous scaffolds for bone substitutes and a micro-scale AM process for making advanced sensors. 

CRC chairholder: Dr. Carolyn Ren

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Microfluidic Technologies

Carolyn Ren - Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Synopsis: Dr. Carolyn Ren, Canada Research Chair in Microfluidic Technologies, is advancing breakthroughs in two sub-fields of the discipline: droplet microfluidics (DM) and air microfluidics (AM). She and her research team are developing modular DM platforms that enable easy assembly of application-specific systems. They are also creating AM-enabled wearable technologies for use by patients during rehabilitation from disorders such as stroke, spinal injury or limb amputation. Ultimately, their research could improve the lives of Canadians, whether through affordable medicine, early disease diagnosis or wearable systems for therapy at home.