The field of mechanical engineering is concerned with the application of the fundamental principles and laws of nature to the development and betterment of a technological society and culture. Virtually anything that moves, whether animate or inanimate, falls within the scope of mechanical engineering.

Of all the engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is the broadest and most diversified. In all technical areas and types of industries, mechanical engineers are involved in virtually every phase of design, synthesis, development, and refinement of machines, processes, and systems. Mechanical engineers are required to understand the laws of mechanics and thermodynamics, the effects of forces on solids and liquids, the flow of heat through substances, the properties of engineering materials, and the design of mechanisms to accomplish useful tasks. Mechanical engineers play a leading role in the advancement of technology for sustainable development.

What do mechanical engineers do?

 Mechanical engineers are expected to face many technical and managerial challenges, such as:

  • Supervision of machine and/or plant operation
  • Prototype design, testing and scale-up
  • Theoretical analysis and model simulations
  • Technical and economic feasibility analysis
  • Management of personnel and technology
  • Failure analysis and cause determination
  • Technical marketing and maintenance
       Career possibilities:

clipart spaceshipManufacturing and next-generation material design

clipart wind turbineDesign of next-generation renewable energy systems

clipart vehicleEngineering of automotive and aerospace systems

clipart signalDevelopment of robotic and biomechanical systems

Areas of focus in mechanical engineering