Master of Engineering with a Graduate Specialization in Green Energy

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Objectives of the Specialization in Green Energy

  • to produce engineers with more specialized technical training and a specific focus in green energy
  • to offer a course-work professional development graduate program for practicing engineers to be formally trained in the area of green energy
  • to provide new immigrant, foreign-trained engineers a degree program that facilitates quicker entry to the Canadian workforce in the important technical area of significant national interest
  • to provide newly graduated engineers an opportunity to pursue graduate education in the area of green energy

Degree requirements

Students must complete the degree requirements of the general MEng program which requires: satisfactory completion of eight one-term graduate level courses, one communications course, the Academic Integrity Quiz, and attend four MME seminars. To add the Graduate Diploma in Green Energy, four of the eight graduate level courses must include the one mandatory course and three specific courses.

 Mandatory course:

Course Instructors
ME 659 Energy and Environment R. Fraser
X. Li

Specific courses:

Course (choose 3 from the list) Instructors
ME 738 Special Topics in Materials: Hydrogen Storage
ME 751 Fuel Cell Technology X. Li
ME 753 Solar Energy M. Collins
ME 760 Special Topics in Thermal Engineering: Low Energy
Building Systems (1)
D. Mather
ME 760 Special Topics in Thermal Engineering: Building Energy Analysis (2) D. Mather
ME 760 Special Topics in Thermal Engineering: Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases Z. Tan
ME 765 Special Topics in Numerical Methods, Fluid Mechanics:
Wind Energy
D. Johnson

Please refer to the Graduate Schedule of Courses to see when each course is being offered in which term.

Current research activities in green energy systems

  • Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases
  • Fuel Cells
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Pollution Management
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy

Contact information

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