MME Professor published a textbook

Friday, May 14, 2021

Congratulations to Professor Kyle Daun on publishing a new textbook on thermal radiation heat transfer. The textbook is one of the two main textbooks on thermal radiation heat transfer, and they have approximately 50% market share each.

The textbook started as a NASA report SP-164 by Robert Siegel and John R. (Jack) Howell, who worked at NASA Glenn (now NASA Langley) in 1968. It was subsequently published as a textbook (2nd Ed., 1980, 3rd Ed. 1992, 4th Ed., 2002, 5th Ed., 2010, 6th Ed., 2015.  Robert Siegel retired from the book after the 4th Ed., and Pinar Menguc became an author on the 5th Ed.  Jack was Professor Kyle Daun’s PhD supervisor at the University of Texas in Austin, and he joined them as an author in 2016.  The 7th Edition is about 1,000 pages long, with significant updating and reorganization of the material.  They are currently working on an abridged version of the textbook for graduate students.