Andrew McLachlin in Orthopaedic Mechatronics Lab
Tuesday, April 30, 2024

New 3D microscope in MME research lab supports orthopaedic research

An inCiTe™ 3D X-ray microscope at the University of Waterloo will support one in eight Canadians who experience bone and joint dysfunction with the disease, and this research is being led by Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering professors Dr. Stewart McLachlin and Dr. Naveen Chandrashekar in the Orthopaedic Mechatronics Laboratory to improve surgical treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.      

This new tool marks a significant milestone in Canadian orthopaedic research. The lab at the University of Waterloo is the country's first research facility to have access to this phase-contrast 3D X-ray microscope imaging for biological tissue characterization.  

"The phase-contrast technology improves the image contrast and resolution of the internal microstructure for lower-density materials like bone and joint tissues, overcoming a major limitation of traditional CT imaging," says McLachlin. This will allow us to better understand tissue mechanics and, in turn, work towards developing better orthopaedic implants and treatment methods."   

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