2024-2027 Strategic Planning Draft

Renison is currently developing a new Strategic Plan. 

Below you'll find a draft of the Mission and Priorities for the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan. If, after reviewing the below, you would like to share your thoughts, comments, and/or suggestions, please submit a comment to tell us what you think.  

The feedback form for this phase of engagement has now closed. If you wish to submit additional feedback, please use the Renison Comment Form, which can be used to submit anonymous comments at any time. 


Renison fosters an inclusive living, learning, and working community empowered through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service to educate and prepare our community of learners for success and contribution to the world. 



Renison’s learning and living environments nurture dynamic students who flourish as purposeful individuals with the capacity to make a difference in the world. 

We do this by:

1.1 Expanding intentional recruitment in a) Indigenous and other historically marginalized communities, b) local, and c) targeted international locations, in support of SDS, SSW, CLS, ELI programs, and Renison residents, leveraging digital means and capacity.

1.2 Continuing to develop student support systems which will nurture student success, health and 
well-being, reflecting the needs of the diverse student population.

1.3 Continuing to expand opportunities for peer leadership and student employment at the College.

1.4 Continuing to strengthen our work with international students in support of the University’s internationalization goals.

1.5 Providing innovative courses and programs that helps to prepare students for the world they will inherit. 


We value the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our students, staff, and faculty. We will cultivate a foundation of Indigenization, inclusion, diversity and equity that is core to our curriculum, community expectations, policies, and practices. This will ensure that everyone feels welcome, that they belong, and is able to contribute their best. We will also foster inclusive living, learning, and working environments so that all students, staff, and faculty can thrive at Renison. 

We do this by:

2.1 Ensuring our policies and practices are in compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and support the full inclusion of students, staff, and faculty.

2.2 Diversifying the staff and faculty working at Rension at all levels and in all departments, with a focus on Indigenous leadership.

2.3 Decolonizing our curriculum supported by Indigenous Knowledges and Anti-Racism experts from University of Waterloo’s Centre for Teaching Excellence

2.4 Creating a robust framework and supports to lead Renison's Indigenization efforts.

2.5 Developing and implementing a multi-year Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan. 

2.6 Increasing student recruitment from new international markets, creating more diversity to enrich our living and learning environments.  

2.7 Creating opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to engage with colleagues across difference. 

2.8 Work with the University of Waterloo to develop a “New Front Door” for students who do not meet the historic grades-based admissions process.

2.9 Continuing to re-assess and redistribute College-funded scholarships and awards to serve historically under-represented student communities.

2.10 Continuing to offer the unique supports that international students need to thrive at Renison.


Our community is what makes Renison strong. We will continue to foster positive living, learning, and working environments where all members of the Renison community feel a sense of belonging and that they are recognized, valued, and respected. We will foster a community that engages students, staff, and faculty and allows them to be their full and authentic selves. 

We do this by:

3.1 Intentionally developing relationships with Indigenous communities to support Renison’s Indigenization efforts and the implementation of the TRC Calls to Action regarding higher education. 

3.2 Maintaining relationships with alumni and cultivating their engagement in events, activities, and student career development.

3.3 Fostering more inclusive living, learning, and working environments in which all members of the Renison community feel that they are able to be their full and authentic selves, with particular attention to inclusion of Indigenous voices across the College.

3.4 Creating a culture that promotes and supports the emotional cultural, spiritual, physical and mental well-being of our students, staff, and faculty.

3.5 Fostering a culture of staff, faculty and administrative collaboration that enhances communication and focuses on solving problems and challenges.

3.6 Continuing to nurture a high functioning workforce, including expanded opportunities for professional development and recognition for all staff.


Through our unique educational programs, our students will develop the knowledge and skills to contribute positively to an ever changing world. Renison will continue to recruit, nurture and retain top tier faculty and staff uniquely suited to offer and support adaptive education in a rapidly changing global context. Renison will offer innovative degree and community programs, which engage the world in the social, political, linguistic, cultural and spiritual domains.

We do this by:

4.1 Exploring and where possible developing new degree options and programs in targeted areas outside of the Equity funding model.

4.2 Exploring and where possible developing new degree programs in partnership with UWaterloo faculties, evaluating the possibility of expanding the MSW internationally, and new program initiatives for Community and Professional Education (CAPE) programming. 


Renison will establish a sustainable financial model to ensure a strong future and to support its ongoing ability to educate, support, and house students, while maintaining its ongoing ability to help students thrive. 

We do this by:

5.1 Expanding and diversifying sources of revenue, particularly in the areas of grants, fundraising, endowment growth, and investments, partnerships, and program development.

5.2 Growing targeted, high-demand programs to attract undergraduate, online, international, and graduate students. 

5.3 Developing a robust fundraising campaign to address identified needs of the institution.