Coat of arms of Renison University College

Symbolism of the Armorial Bearings of Renison University College

Arms: These are the arms of Archbishop Robert John Renison, granted in 1935 by Ulster King of Arms, differenced by the addition of a green border charged with maple leaves and buckles. The buckles are from the arms of Canon Archibald Howard Skirving, the Chairman of the Board of Governors at the time of the grant.

Crest: The moose's head comes from the arms of Archbishop Renison. The cross on the neck is an allusion to the arms of Ian L. Campbell, the Principal at the time of the grant.

Motto: Meaning "But under one sky", this Latin phrase was the motto of Archbishop Renison, who favoured it in the form "One sky over all".

Supporters: The red lion is taken from the arms of the University of Waterloo, and thus symbolizes Renison's affiliation with the university. The red lion is also found in the arms of Bishop D. Ralph Spence, Chancellor of the College at the time of the grant. The beaver is taken from the arms of the Anglican Diocese of Huron, the Bishop of which is the Visitor to the College. The wagon wheel is taken from the arms of the church of the Holy Saviour, Waterloo, the founding parish of the College.

The grassy green mount represents Renison's verdant campus. The trilliums recall the college's location in Ontario and the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, because they are the provincial flower and are found in the Region's arms. The maple keys symbolize founders of the College and their vision that those being educated will grow and develop for the benefit of their communities.

Original concept of: Howard Rokeby-Thomas and David Bowyer (Arms); Malcolm Innes, Lord Lyon King of Arms (Crest); and D. Ralph Spence, Albion Herald Extraordinary and Brendon Bedford (supporters), assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Painter: Linda Nicholson

Calligrapher: Shirley Mangione

Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada, Volume VI, page 373, 15 July 2014.

Badge of the College

A red moose's head, looking left, with white cross on its neck, surmounted over a gold maltese cross

What is a badge?

A heraldic badge indicates allegiance to an individual or institution.  In this way, any student, alumnus, professor or friend of the College can use this emblem to show their affiliation with Renison University College.

You can find the College's badge in the insignia of the honours granted by Renison.

College Flag

Flag of Renison University College

The College's flag is a 'banner of the arms', which consists of the images found on the shield, stretched across a rectangle.

Heraldic descriptions


Argent, on a bend vert between two maple leaves Gules, a mitre between two Maltese crosses Or, all within a bordure of the Second charged with three buckles between three maple leaves Or


A moose's head erased Gules attired Or and charged on the neck with a passion cross Argent


Dexter a beaver proper sinister a lion Gules, each collared Or pendent therefrom a wagon wheel composed of a cross potent Or conjoined with a saltire potent Azure surmounted by a plate bearing the letters IHS Sable, standing on a grassy mount Vert strewn with trillium flowers and maple keys Or


The flag of Renison University College is a banner of the arms.


On a Maltese Cross Or a moose's head erased Gules attired Or and charged on the neck with a passion cross Argent

Arms of The Most Rev. Robert John Renison

Arms of the Most Reverend Robert John Renison

Granted by the Ulster King of Arms in 1935.  The Renison family allowed for the use of the Archbishop's arms by the College until it was granted its own arms.