The Chancellor of Renison University College is the titular head of the College.  The Chancellor holds the power to confer honours and titles upon selected individuals.

At Renison, the Chancellor's academic robes are red with gold braiding.

The Right Rev. George N. Luxton 1959-1962
The Right Rev. Harold F.G. Appleyard 1962-1973
The Right Rev. Morse C. Robinson 1973-1986
Colonel George E. Renison 1986-1992
W. Donald Bean 1992-1994
The Right Rev. Arthur D. Brown 1994-2000
H. Michael Burns 2000-2008
The Right Rev. D. Ralph Spence 2008-2016
Manfred Conrad 2016-Present

Photo of Manfred ConradDr. Manfred Conrad, LL.D (Hon.), Chancellor of Renison University College