Presidents & Vice-Chancellors

The President and Vice Chancellor is the administrative head of the College, overseeing all aspects of the institution. When the Chancellor is absent, the President and Vice-Chancellor fulfills the Chancellor's ceremonial roles. On January 25th, 2017 the official title of Principal and Vice-Chancellor changed to President and Vice-Chancellor.

At Renison, the President and Vice-Chancellor's academic robes are red with silver braiding.

President and Vice-Chancellor of Renison

The Rev. Canon Dr. Wendy Fletcher 2017-present                              

Former Renison Principals

The Rev. Canon C.C.W. Mixer 1959-1961 (Acting)
Prof. A. Wyn Rees 1961-1971
Dr. Donald G.S. M'Timkulu 1971-1974 (Acting)
Dr. John O. Towler 1974-1977
Prof. Ian L. Campbell 1977-1992
Dr. Gail P. Cuthbert Brandt 1992-2002
Dr. M. Darrol Bryant 1997 (Acting)
Dr. John E. Crossley 2002-2008
Dr. Robert G. Rosehart 2008-2009 (Interim)
Dr. Glenn F. Cartwright 2009-2014
The Rev. Canon Dr. Wendy Fletcher 2014-2017 (title change in 2017)

Principal Wendy Fletcher in Renison's Chapel of St. Bede

The Rev. Canon Dr. Wendy Fletcher, President and Vice-Chancellor of Renison University College