Harassment and discrimination

Harassment and Discrimination Policies

Student, Staff and Faculty Guidelines   

Welcome to the community of Renison University College.

We strive to foster a respectful living and learning environment for all.

To that end it is important to be aware of our policies on Harassment and Discrimination.

We believe prevention through education is key to fostering a respectful environment for all.

Everyone living, learning, and working at Renison University College is expected to contribute to creating a respectful environment free from harassment and discrimination.

If you experience or witness harassment or discrimination, seek help. You may contact Credence & Co., Renison’s external anti-harassment and anti-discrimination officers, by email (info@credenceandco.com) or by phone (519-883-8906). Credence & Co. is an independent K-W based firm which works with organizations toward thriving workplace cultures, including professional coaching, consulting, facilitation, policy development, conflict mediation and ombudsperson functions.

Harassment is unwanted attention in the form of disrespectful comments, unwanted text messages or images, degrading jokes, rude gestures, unwanted touching, or other behaviours meant to intimidate.

According to the Ontario Human Rights Code, discrimination means unequal or different treatment causing harm, whether intentional or not, because of race, disability, citizenship, ethnic origin, colour, age, creed, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, or other personal characteristic.

Full harassment, discrimination, and abuse prevention policy (PDF)