Renison fosters an inclusive community of learners empowered through excellence in teaching and scholarship, to contribute positively in a diverse and complex world.

Renison University College makes a valuable contribution to the greater University community by providing the setting that makes excellent undergraduate learning possible. Committed faculty, small classes, and a strong sense of community are among the elements that have made Renison a success.

The College offers programmes and courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Honours Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work degrees of the University of Waterloo.

Through its programmes, Renison seeks to prepare students for careers in various helping professions, including social work, education, law and the ministry.

The College also strives to provide students with a strong liberal arts education. In conjunction with courses available from the University at large, the College assists students to develop a sound programme in the arts, thereby increasing their awareness and appreciation of themselves and their potential both as individuals and as citizens of the world.

It endeavours to ensure they have encountered the best of literature and philosophy, some of the great findings of the sciences, and some of the great creations of arts and culture.

It seeks to familiarise students with the methodologies of the academic disciplines within which they work and the assumptions upon which these disciplines rest. Renison University College also assists students to develop the skills to express their own ideas with precision and eloquence.

Through its residence, Renison offers accommodation for students following its programmes and for those studying elsewhere in the University. It provides an intimate setting where students of all religious persuasions or spiritual outlooks may live and learn while enjoying all the resources of a major university.

Coat of arms of Renison University College