Spotlight: Renison Alum Michelle Williams

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Michelle Williams Renison Alum

In 2017, Michelle was a mature student returning to academia in her 40s. After leaving Toronto and moving to Brant County with her husband and two children, she wanted to make a career change and the flexible MSW program was just what Michelle was looking for. She was already familiar with Renison, having completed a BSW in 2016 and making strong connections with faculty and staff. For Michelle, the connection with the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (recently changed to Faculty of Health), and the strong community focus were also part of the appeal. 

After graduating, in 2018 Michelle co-founded and launched an online business focused on professional education and training in grief and loss. For four years they worked with individuals, groups and organizations to train staff, leadership and HR departments. In 2022, Michelle launched Evolve Shift Counselling and DEI Consulting, focusing on DEI education, training and consulting for corporations and organizations. Michelle creates bespoke DEI workshops for groups and companies based on their individual needs and areas of interest. She also offers DEI consulting in the form of advising HR initiatives and the development of DEI strategies. 

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