Return to Moosonee: Archbishop of Moosonee (1944-1952)

Rev. Robert J. Renison served as rector of St. Paul’s from 1932 (after serving briefly as Bishop of Athabasca) to 1943, when he was elected to be Bishop of Moosonee. He was happy to return to the missionary life. The Diocese of Moosonee was a northern diocese covering a vast expanse of land. (350,000 square miles) He was elected Bishop of Moosonee to replace Bishop John Anderson, who was elected bishop in 1909 while Robert J. Renison was still a missionary in Moose Factory. Still, it was a change from the big city, and Bishop and Mrs. Renison continued to worry about their two sons who were still fighting overseas during World War II. In addition to his work as Bishop, Renison continued writing his column for the Globe and Mail.