University of Waterloo Retirees’ Association Member Survey Report

University of Waterloo Retirees’ Association Member Survey Report 2019-2020

Authors Alex T. Silver & Steven E. Mock

UWRA Board Survey Subcommittee Paul F.J. Eagles, Sue Fraser, Jim Marshall, David Matthews and Jim Frank

University of Waterloo May 11, 2020 UWRA MEMBER SURVEY REPORT 2


Between December 2019 and January 2020 an online survey asked UWRA members to evaluate the programming provided by the UWRA. In addition to evaluating programming, suggestions for future programming were solicited from respondents to inform new services and events. The survey found that, on average, most of the programming offered by the UWRA performed well (above 4.0 on a scale from 1 to 5). This translates to most programming reflecting a notion of Keep up the Good Work, or Possible Overkill. Notable exceptions were the general meeting, food quality of the fall reception, and the value for money of the spring luncheon which performed below standards, reflecting notions of Concentrate Here. These exceptions will need to be the focus of future improvements. In addition, possible suggestions for new programming included bus tours and trips, socials, benefits, and information nights. This leaves the board with three questions to ask now:

1. How do we address the programs and aspects that are in need of future improvements?

2. What new programming suggested is feasible to provide to members?

3. How do we plan to continue to provide excellence to our members and address the few areas of concern that did not meet our high standards? By answering these three questions the UWRA can adapt to the needs and wants of its members while maintaining the service it is already providing.

The full University of Waterloo Retirees’ Association Member Survey Report  is available to be viewed, click on link below to open or down load as a PDF

UWRA Member Survey Report 2019-2020(PDF)