Pension and Benefits committee Reports

The Pension and Benefits Committee provide reports to the University of Waterloo  retirees board on relevant issues that are of interest to  the members.

The University pension & benefits committee agenda and minutes can be found at the secretariat office and general counsel home page. Here you will find a copy of the agenda and the minutes for their monthly meetings.

Current information on the pensioner's benefits can be found at the University of Waterloo human resources page. It provides a pensioner's benefits bulletin and benefit contracts information.

Note: Clarification of the power of attorney and needs of Great West Life from Human Resources, University of Waterloo:

In the Winter WATtimes, incorrect information regarding Great West Life and type of your Power of Attorney required appeared. The proper information follows:

The types of acceptable Power of Attorney’s for Great West Life are property POA’s and general POA’s, which allows for the appointed attorney(s) to make decisions on the plan members’ behalf, including the administration of the benefits plan and payments of benefits.  Personal POA’s are not acceptable for these purposes.

New pension and benefits information can be found at this site which includes actuarial reports and plan documents.

If the aims and objectives of the association, the role of the members of the board and possibly the by-laws are of interest to you, they can be found at UWRA Constitution and UWRA by-laws.

The Board of Governors  approved a number of recommendations that affect the university’s pension plan and benefit offerings in October, 2013. To find out more about the ammendments and changes approved by the Board of Governors, visit the pension changes site.

Pension and Benefits Committee Reports to the UWRA board

May 27, 2015(DOC) AGM report

March_14, 2014(DOC)

January 14, 2014 (DOC)

November 15, 2013 (DOC)

October 13, 2013 (DOC)

November 5, 2012 Pension changes approved by the board of governors as well as changes to employee benefits.

Pensioner's Benefit Bulletin 2010 old plan - retired before 1-June-1996

Pensioner's Benefit Bulletin 2010 grandparented plan - retired from 1 Jan 1996 to 5 Jun 2000 - or transferred from old plan at end of 1995

Pensioner's Benefit Bulletin 2010 active plan - retired after 6-June-2000

Lifetime limits - all you wanted to know and  more