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University of Waterloo students win the top prize at the Expand Your Empire Real Estate Case Competition

Pictured left to right: Samantha K., Matthew V., Kyson V., and Nathan L.

This January, a team composed of four undergraduate students in Accounting and Financial Management, Engineering, and Planning competed in the eighth edition of the annual Ryerson Real Estate Expand Your Empire (EYE) Case Competition, where their financially feasible and sustainable design won both the first place grand prize and the Most Feasible Design award for a total cash prize of $11,500.

Making the most out of your electives

Photo of Sakaria

As my journey in Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) comes to an end, I have been reflecting on all the elective courses that have helped shape my experience. Early on, I approached elective classes with caution, seeking out courses that wouldn’t threaten my cumulative average. However, this was the wrong approach since electives are designed to help students discover their interests and compliment their exploration of accounting and finance.

Reflecting on a successful journey in SIF with Isaac W.

man smiling at the camera

The Student Investment Fund (SIF) is where students receive hands-on training in investment management and work together to manage a portfolio of Canadian and American equities, with the guidance from faculty members and industry professionals. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this student-led initiative this year, we spoke to Isaac W. (4B AFM student) who was the chief executive officer (CEO) in the Fall 2021 term, about his experience being a part of the fund during multiple study terms.

How I am breaking gender barriers through Women in Finance

woman smiling at the camera

Hi everyone! I’m Claire, a first-year student in the new Sustainability and Financial Management (SFM) program at the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF). I am also the communications executive for the Women in Finance (WIF) team. I was introduced to WIF as I was preparing for my first year at Waterloo, and I was immediately drawn to the idea of a team dedicated to educating and breaking barriers for women in the finance industry. As someone who would be directly affected by these barriers, I wanted the opportunity to tackle them head-on. It's been a few months now and I can happily say that WIF is one of my favourite experiences as a Waterloo student.

Women in Finance: A student initiative that strives to bridge the gender gap in the finance industry

A black-and-white photo of a group of female students having a meeting in a lounge

The School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) interviewed members of Waterloo's student initiative, Women in Finance (WIF), to learn more about the work they do, the services they offer, and the successful impact they have on students. SAF met with Queena and Puneet, the group’s co-heads, Momna and Caddie, branding executives, Claire, Ramneek and Sandra, communications executives, Megan, outreach executive, and Maryam, logistics executive.

Discovering my passion in helping small businesses and non-profits achieve their goals

a woman smiling at the camera

Hi! My name is Bianca and I just completed my 4B term in the Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) program. Since spring 2020, I have been involved with the School of Accounting and Finance’s (SAF) Non-Profit Organization Consulting (NPOC) group where I work on multiple client projects helping non-profit organizations (NPOs) develop and grow their organizations. I have also been able to create learning tools, such as blog articles, to answer some common accounting and business related questions from start-up NPOs.

How to finance your education

University of Waterloo sign outside Dana porter library

Tips from a current student that will help you pay for university

So, you’ve received your offer of admission to AFM

Students walking in front of Dana Porter Library during the fall season

Now that you’re in, what do you do now?

Congratulations! You’ve got an offer to the Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) program! But now that you’ve got your offer, what are the next steps? Here are a couple of things you should do after you’ve received your offer of admission!

Why I fell in love with CFM 101

Photo of Fahim A.

Introduction to Financial Markets and Data Analytics – CFM 101 was my favourite course this term and it’s exactly why I chose Computing Financial Management (CFM) for my undergraduate studies.

Why you shouldn’t panic if you haven’t received your Offer of Admission yet

Three students sitting on the ground during fall season

We know this is a nerve-wracking time, but don’t worry!

Hi! My name is Matthew, and I’m an upper-year student in the Honours Arts and Business program at the University of Waterloo. I’m also the School of Accounting and Finance’s Marketing and Recruitment Associate for this co-op term! As part of my job, I speak to a lot of students about the status of their applications, and I wanted to give you some insight into why you do not need to panic if you haven’t received an early offer of admission.


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