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For questions, enquiries and support:

  1. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as your question may be answered there.
  2. These undergraduate program sheets were created to help you plan your courses and understand your degree requirements. For ACTSC students, these sheets also indicate the courses that cover SOA/CAS exam topics.
  3. See the table below to see if your question can be answered by email or by talking with an academic advisor.  


Email advisor

Always include your student ID and program(s)

Talk with an advisor

Before you contact us

How do I add:

ACTSC major, joint, minor


STAT major, joint, minor?

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First review requirements

Then email a completed plan modification form to advisors.

1st year students interested in ACTSC may also find this FAQ helpful.

How do I add the Data Science (BMath) major?

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First review the Data Science webpage.

What courses do I still need to graduate?

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First review program requirements on your own using:

Note: make sure you are checking requirements for the correct plan year.

If you are in your 4th year, you can email the advisors to request a grad check. Advisors will not complete a grad check if you are in 3B or earlier.

I want a course override for a STAT or ACTSC course or ENGL 378.

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During course selection, email us a completed course selection override form.

At any other time, email us a completed course override form.

I want a course override for a course that is not STAT, ACTSC or ENGL 378.



Email the advisor of the program that owns the course, i.e. for a CS course, contact the CS advisors.

Contact details for advisors in the Faculty of Math.

I want to change my co-op sequence.

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Review information about changing your co-op sequence.

Email a completed co-op sequence change form to advisors.

I want to speak directly to an advisor about co-op.


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Email coopmath@uwaterloo.ca or visit the SAS advising office hours.

I want to file a petition.

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Start by completing this form to submit your problem to the advisors.

Based on your submission, a virtual appointment will be scheduled for you if deemed necessary.

I'm not in a good place mentally. Can I talk to an advisor who can point me to mental health resources?  


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Please come and talk with us, either virtually or in-person. For additional support, visit: Counselling Services or Health Services.

I'm doing poorly in a course and want to talk with an advisor about my options.


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Please come and talk with us.

I have questions about the Professional Actuarial Societies/Designations/Accreditation.  

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First review this information. If you still have questions, email the SAS advisors.

I want to connect with an ACTSC advisor.

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You can email the SAS advisors or talk with us, virtually or in-person.

I want to connect with a STAT advisor. 

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You can email the SAS advisors or talk with us, virtually or in-person.

I want to connect with a Data Science (BMath) advisor.

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You can email the SAS advisors or talk with Riley when he's available.