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(The Faculty of Mathematics has academic advisors for co-op matters. These individuals are different from your Student Advisor and can be reached at coopmath@uwaterloo.ca)


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Academic/Work Term Sequence Policies & Procedures for Co-operative Education Students

Degree Requirements for Students in Co-op Programs

1]   General Sequence Requirements

a) When admitted to Year 1, sequences normally involve, and do not exceed, eight academic terms and six work terms.  When admitted to a level beyond first year, the number of required academic and work terms will be reduced accordingly.

b) Students must be enrolled full-time in the academic term prior to any scheduled work term and generally for a minimum of eight academic terms during their program of study (for programs with 6 scheduled work terms).

c) Work terms must normally be completed before the final (e.g., 4B) academic term and students must end their academic/work term sequence on an academic term.

d) Each four-month period designated as a work term counts as a work term credit regardless of whether or not a credit is earned that term. Eight-month work terms count as two work terms.

e) Terms designated as “OFF” terms allow part-time study only. At most two courses can be taken on “OFF” terms.

f) Sequence changes are not intended to facilitate additional opportunities to participate in the CE facilitated interview process. Individuals requesting that an upcoming work term be moved, after already having participated in the interview process, will be restricted in using the CE facilitated interview process to secure employment during the “moved” work term.

g) If a student has arranged employment for a work term in their current sequence, sequence changes will not be approved if the new sequence would prevent the student from honouring the employment commitment.

h) Proposed sequences that (i) have more than two consecutive academic or work terms, (ii) reduce the number of academic or work terms required, or (iii) increase the number of work terms available, are not normally approved.

2]   Submission and Approval Procedures

a) Before agreeing to any changes in academic/work term sequence with their employer, students must consult with the appropriate Undergraduate Plan Advisor and then with the Math Faculty Co-op Academic Advisor  Note that Student or Career Advisors do not need to provide approval for these forms.

b) Students must obtain all of the necessary signatures when plan(s) of study requires additional approvals (e.g., specializations, double majors, etc.).

c) Incomplete or improperly documented requests will not be considered.

d) Employers may submit supporting written comments to attach to this form, as appropriate.

e) Submit this form and any attachments to the Math Faculty Co-op Academic Advisor once the necessary signatures from your academic representative(s) have been obtained.

f) Completed forms will be collected and retained by the Co-operative Education & Career Action Department.

g) Note that requests for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change are generally processed as a batch once per week. As such, please allow seven (7) business days for processing your request.

h) Normally, requests must be submitted by the last day of classes of any term in which the subsequent term is affected. 

3]   Student Responsibilities

a) Unless approved to do otherwise, students are expected to follow the prescribed academic/work term sequence for their plan from admission through to graduation.

b) Co-op students with Student Visas are advised that changes to academic/work term sequences can jeopardize their Student Visas.

c) Co-op fees are paid each full-time academic term from the beginning of enrollment in co-op until graduation.  The maximum number of fees to be paid is generally eight (actual number varies by plan).

d) It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are legally able to work or study according to their proposed academic/work term sequence.

e) Departments may not be able, as a result of limited instructors and/or resources, to offer courses in terms other than those planned for students in regular plans and/or existing co-op sequences.

f) The undergraduate calendar may not always indicate the availability of a course in a particular term; so, before submitting a request to change their sequence, students must investigate all of the possible impacts the proposed change may have on access to required courses in the future.

g) Approval of a new academic/work term sequence does not preclude future changes to course availability; therefore, students must schedule their courses carefully as the new sequence unfolds.  In some instances, they may have to submit additional requests to change sequences to accommodate changes in course scheduling.

h) To earn the co-op designation at graduation, students must have:

i. learned all academic degree requirements (including PD courses);

ii. received credit for at least four work reports (including reports submitted as part of PD2);

iii. followed an approved academic/work term sequence, and

iv. accumulated the minimum number of work term credits required by their Faculty (see Study/Work Term Sequence Chart in Undergraduate Calendar).

i) Should students wish, or need, to cancel any course enrollments for their current or next scheduled academic term, they must make those changes on Quest or through the Registrar’s Office. 

j) It is the student’s responsibility to investigate any impact the sequence change request may have on their enrolment in a PD course.  Be sure to add or remove required PD courses as necessary (e.g., a request that delays your first work term may require a change to enrolment in PD 1 & 2).

k) Students are advised to arrange any necessary extensions to their UW Health Insurance or provincial health care coverage as well as student loan status (where applicable) if, or when, they are approved for a double work term.

l) Students should retain hard and/or soft copies of all your paperwork until you have completed your degree studies.

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