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FAQ in Actuarial Science and Statistics

How do I figure out who my advisor is and when they have office hours?

What do I need to bring with me to my advisor?

  • Make sure you come prepared with your questions ready to be asked.
  • Any forms you need to have signed should be brought with you and be filled out before coming to the office.
  • Remember the advisors have many students to see and lots of other work to do besides advising you. While they are happy to help they can’t be wasting time (and desk space) watching you fill out a form you should have brought with you filled out.

Do old/new rules apply to me?
Majoring in Actuarial Science.
Course specific questions.
Accreditation question.
Statistics FAQs.
Struggling in Actuarial Science.
Other questions.


Do old/new rules apply to me?

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Majoring in Actuarial Science

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Course specific questions

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Accreditation questions

Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) accreditation.

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Statistics FAQs​

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Struggling in Actuarial Science

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Other questions

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