Academic programs

Lecture Hall

St. Paul's, as a university college affiliated with the University of Waterloo, has professors on staff and teaches University of Waterloo courses and programs.

In particular, St. Paul's partners with the Faculty of Environment to offer: 

  1. The Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree in International Development. St. Paul's provides teaching resources, field work placement coordination, facilities and administrative support.
  2. The Master of Development Practice program. St. Paul's provides teaching resources and field work placement coordination.
  3. The Environment Living-Learning Community. The residence at St. Paul's provides housing facilities and programming resources to assist the Faculty in offering a valuable community opportunity to students in its programs.

St. Paul's is also involved in Native Studies and World Religions, which reflects its historic traditions, as well as a modern expression of its core values. Students from all faculties are able to take these University of Waterloo courses as electives or to form an option.