Indigenous Studies

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St. Paul's is home to University of Waterloo's Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre. Part of the vision for these services is to enhance awareness of Aboriginal perspectives and issues in the broader community.

The University of Waterloo has also asked St. Paul's and the Indigenous Centre to provide ongoing strategic advice on the appropriate Indigenization of the university.

Courses 2018-2019

INDG 200s

INDG 201 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 015692
The Indigenous Experience in Canada
An introduction to the Indigenous experience in Canada with a broad overview of history, culture, and contemporary issues. This course highlights the holism of indigenous perspectives through assigned readings, discussions, projects, and sharing of personal experiences.
INDG 272 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 003945
Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Communities in Canada

An examination of First Nations and Métis cultures and cultural development from the perspective of local indigenous communities. The course will feature lectures, discussions, and occasional guest speakers representative of the wider indigenous community.

INDG 300s

INDG 301 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 015695
Critical Theories of Indigeneity in a Global Perspective
This cross-cultural and interdisciplinary course critically examines the definitions of, and debates surrounding, indigeneity, drawing on both indigenous and non-indigenous theorists. The course covers a range of themes, from constitutions and peoplehood to epistemologies and ontologies, and draws on a variety of examples from around the globe.