Head shot of CassieThere are different ways to respond when faced by barriers, but Cassie Myers decided her way would be to equip others to overcome such obstacles.

The fourth-year Peace and Conflict Studies student has appreciated the “amazing environment at UWaterloo that helps both women and men to reach their potential.” At the same time, her experience parallels that of many women who struggle to reach their potential due to societal barriers.

Cassie moved into St. Paul’s GreenHouse with the goal of encouraging more females to break through these barriers. Having spent a co-op term with the organization HackerGals, Cassie wanted to develop a virtual solution. She says, “I’m excited about how technology and arts innovations can be applied to the pressing issue of helping girls grow into their own.”

Cassie’s ideas evolved as she met people in the social innovation and tech communities who shared her passion and with whom she could collaborate.

Now, through her social venture, SheLeads, Cassie is building a video game for girls aged six to 10 to encourage core leadership skills.

“Our game gives them a sense of purpose that will help them regardless of barriers they face.”

This summer, Cassie and her developer hope to pilot their project at two community centres. She says,

“I thought at GreenHouse I would refine my ideas, but the great mentors, space, and resources have moved things along much more quickly.”

Cassie with her $5K Velocity Fund ChequeWe would also like to extend our sincere congratulations to Cassie as she was one of the most recent recipients of the Velocity $5K Challenge!



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