GreenHouse student wins Velocity 5K

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

LynneHuge congratulations to GreenHouse student Lynne Murdoch!

Lynne Murdoch, Founder of VOYHS and GreenHouse student is one of four ventures that won the Velocity Fund 5K Finals on July 18th, 2019. 

VOYHS is developing an app that gives trans people resources to train their voice. This allows users to boost their confidence, and helps to improve their lives. The app will offer coaching in addition to a community for all its users. 

When asked about the initial feelings after hearing that VOYHS was one of four 5K winners, Lynne exclaimed that “excitement and disbelief” were two emotions that came to mind.

Obviously - we wanted to win, but we went with an attitude of  'here’s hoping' - and it worked out,” says Lynne 

All of this was made possible through the Innovators in Residence Program at GreenHouse that Lynne is a part of. GreenHouse is an innovation community  that supports University of Waterloo students and community members who want to create social or environmental change. Through the Innovators in Residence Program, Lynne lives with a community of like-minded students working on social innovation projects. Without GreenHouse winning the Velocity 5K would not have been possible. Lynne describes GreenHouse as a place to find a career, and a place to develop. 

The next steps for VOYHS are clear; they will continue to work with speech pathologists and incorporation as a company. Funding  received from Velocity will be used to hire specialists in audiology and programming in order to launch VOYHS as quickly as possible.

Lynn with Cheque

Congratulations Lynne! 

To learn more about VOYHS and keep up to date with their progress visit their website:

To learn more about GreenHouse Innovators in Residence Program visit:

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