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Social Impact Start-ups secure over $30,000 in Funding, with Voice-related Ventures Leading the Way

Monday, April 15, 2019

On April 9th, GreenHouse celebrated its 17th cohort of social innovators and entrepreneurs at the Social Impact Showcase. As part of this celebration, GreenHouse awarded grants from its Social Impact Fund.  

The Fund is open to current GreenHouse innovators who demonstrate early-stage customer validation or idea testing (i.e. prototype, pilot, market research) and a plan for how they will implement their idea over the coming year.  The Fund is made possible through a generous donor base of St. Paul’s alumni and community members that have contributed to the Shape the World Campaign.

GH Winners(left to right): backrow: Aaiman Aamir, Laura Bingeman, Nathan Knight, Chris Tran, Fardeen Chowdhury, Lynne Murdoch, Monica Iyer; (front row): Greg Maxin, Karissa Manning

The winners of this term’s Social Impact Fund are:

  • Prospr, awarded $1,000 from the Social Impact Fund. A venture dedicated to helping charities mobilize the funding by better sourcing and engaging community fundraisers and brand ambassadors from their existing donors.
  • Recipient of $2,000 from the Social Impact Fund, #Stories of Us, a venture that highlights diverse female role models in STEM across Canada. 
  • Rocket Care was awarded $4,000 from the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, a venture focused on improving scheduling methods for different forms of client appointments in healthcare.
  • VOYHS, a venture giving trans people the resources to train their voice, boosting their confidence and quality of life. VOYHS was awarded $2,000 from the Social Impact Fund and $4,000 from the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility.
  • A venture aimed at improving speed and quality of speech for people with verbal challenges. Reka, was awarded $10,000 for the Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award for Engineering Capstone Design; $5,000 from the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility; and $1,000 for the GreenHouse People’s Choice award.

GreenHouse could not be more proud, CONGRATULATIONS to the wonderful recipients and their inspiring ventures!

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