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White Noise

The A-Zed of Audio

The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, famous for bringing the Little Prince into the world, famously said “perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Maybe that’s why the Little Prince was from such a small planet.


The A-Zed of Audio

If you've ever played the board game Mouse Trap, you can easily understand one of the most interesting digital audio techniques: sidechaining. You might remember that Mouse Trap involves a scheme for capturing mice that's far more complex than your standard cheese/spring/snap design available at the dollar store; Mouse Trap was a child's introduction to the incredible world of Rube Goldberg machines. 


The A-Zed of Audio

Even if you never saw it live, the image of Apple's famous 1984 Superbowl ad is probably easier to bring to mind than Apple execs could ever have hoped for, 30 years ago: rows upon rows of bleak, soulless automata listening to a harrowing speech by some Big Brother-esque dictator on a giant screen. In runs the only bastion of human hope – a blonde woman in a white tank top and red shorts that are short even by today's standards – and launches a sledgehammer into the talking screen.


The A-Zed of Audio

It's broken - don't fix it.

This is the unspoken motto in the world of glitch music. To anyone who has used a computer, the word 'glitch' shouldn't be terribly foreign: glitches are errors. Things that are broken, not the way they're supposed to be, like potholes in a road or cracks in a window. Usually we work to avoid these broken-nesses but some cr/azy folks among us actually use these as the palette they paint with.

The Pyromantics

The challenge –> build a fireball spitting squid… 

I mean really…

Throw away your music

In its juggernaut charge across all aspects of our daily lives, Google closed a deal this week that will put them behind the music we listen to – or maybe more importantly for them, the information about the music we listen to.

Music Monday keeps music alive in our schools and in our communities

May 5, 2014

Music Monday is an event that comes and goes so quickly each year that I'm always left wondering how we could have done more. The school music calendar has its perennial concerts: Remembrance Day, Christmas (Holiday) Operetta, Kiwanis Festival, and Graduation. The addition of Music Monday falls between the Kiwanis Festival, Graduation, and Year-End Assembly. It's a time of year when, as a music teacher, I hardly have time to stop and gasp for air before moving on to the next round of performances. I've felt that, for years, this event has been given the short shift in our school's performance calendar.  

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