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Stratford professors featured in new exhibit at THEMUSEUM, encouraging us to critically reflect on digital culture.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thursday evening saw the launch of THEMUSEUM’s newest exhibit, INTERACTION. Co-currated by Jane Tingley, Assistant Professor in Hybrid Media at the Stratford Campus, the exhibit presents the work of fourteen Canadian artists and artist groups who design for public participation as a central strategy. Each piece uses technology to engage the viewer, encouraging active participation over passive consumption, provoking critical thought about our digital presence and possible futures.

swinging suitcaseSwinging Suitcase is one such engaging encounter, created by Jessica Thompson, Assistant Professor in Hybrid Practice at the Stratford Campus. The piece reproduces the sound of a flock of small birds in response to the rate of motion perpetuated by the user. As the user’s familiarity with the experience becomes more prominent, the scenario builds in complexity, generating a playful performance-like interaction between birds and participant.

"We believe the creative voices and approaches to technological development have an important contribution to make, especially in this region known for its tech startups and innovation." says Tingley.

Read the full story as it appeared in The Record.

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