Based on a True Story: FINE 201 Exhibition

Friday, February 11, 2022 12:00 pm - Friday, February 18, 2022 12:00 pm EST (GMT -05:00)

Based on a true story banner
"There’s a magical moment in a design studio when it hums with activity, a creative flow that’s infectious. Late September, I walked into FINE 201 after a coffee break and found students sprawled across their desks, the floor, and the hall—every work surface covered with cardboard, X-Acto knives, tape, and paint. The music was pumping. Some students were laughing, while others appeared laser-focused. And that’s when I realized the class worked. The students were no longer students, they were designers." - Instructor Terry O'Neill

Based on a True Story aka BOATS! showcases projects from FINE 201 Storytelling in Design—a studio course that applied the strategies and tactics of narrative non-fiction to the craft of making. The exhibition opens at noon on Friday February 11th  and runs until February 18th at the Stratford School in the atrium.

BOATS! features the work of:

  • Jessica Bain
  • Daniela Bredin
  • Nicole Castellino
  • Trevor Chau
  • Tristan Cheung
  • Olivia Dunford
  • Quinn Harder
  • Christopher He
  • Eleanor Hendriks
  • Carine Ho
  • Kara Hoang
  • Jessica Huang
  • Andrew Ing
  • Sophia Lake
  • Skylar Lam
  • Joey Lee
  • Boyun Leung
  • Tracy Li
  • Justin Lin
  • Caeden MacMilan
  • Alexandra Maiurro
  • Xandre Mar
  • Kalkidan Naway
  • Jason Nhan
  • Wren Tourout
  • Jay Clarence
  • Brendan Wong
  • Sienna Zhao