Maclean’s magazine recognizes GBDA as a standout program

Friday, May 18, 2018

In a descriptive overview of the University of Waterloo, Mclean’s magazine highlighted Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) as a standout undergraduate program. 

UWaterloo has long established itself as Canada’s most innovative university, consistently earning top rankings in this category. As the fastest growing Faculty of Arts program in the country, GBDA is also well on its way to national stature.

The 4-year undergraduate degree focuses on digital arts and design in a business context, creating positive technology-enhanced user experiences through creative exploration, critical thinking and design research. It provides students with an interdisciplinary and practical approach within the design education landscape.

GBDA graduates are well prepared for successful employment. Hands-on projects with leading organizations, industry mentors, and a paid internship all ensure that students can keep pace with rapid developments in the digital economy. In fact, a recent poll confirms that 82% of GBDA students find full-time employment after graduation.

Read the full article on Maclean’s website.

Learn more about prospective employment for GBDA students and alumni stories.

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