October 21-26, 2020

How might we connect people and create a sense of ‘togetherness’ while protecting everyone’s privacy?

The uXperience | Think Privacy Design Jam brought together Jammers to create a Privacy Conscious Design Solution to bring people together. This Design Jam delivered five days of pre-recorded and live content with four days of team action. Think Privacy harnessed the power of experts from Rogers, BlackBerry, Media Smarts, and more to guide Jammers in developing a privacy-conscious design toolset.

View the winners and all submissions on DevPost.

Jammers competed to win $7,400 in prizes, including Apple AirPods and AirPod Pros, Blue Microphones, Ring lights and study from home packages.

1st place submission - Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a secure, online community platform for students to meet and interact with like-minded friends in an after-school club setting, which is supervised by teachers.

2nd place submission - Bondfire

Bondfire is a real-time interactive platform for isolated college students that builds meaningful connections through the power of storytelling.

3rd place submission - Secretum

Secretum is an open-source, decentralized social media platform FOR and controlled BY users. Our goal is to make digital activism safe and sustainable for everyone in COVID19 times and beyond.