Transportation and Grounds Data

Objective O6:

By 2025, increase to 90% the proportion of sustainable commuting trips from a 2016 baseline of 85%

Progress: Started

A pie chart one-quarter full, illustrating that the objective has been started

Description: The majority of trips to campus are by walking, cycling, transit, carpooling, and teleworking, however there is a large gap between student and employee travel.

Employee commuting patterns have not shifted significantly since the beginning of the measurement, though continued changes to the local transit system and improved walking/cycling infrastructure will help.

As these and other programs and services improve, it will support a shift in travel patterns over time.


Objective O7:

By 2020, increase electric and alternative-fuel vehicle use on campus

Progress: Somewhat complete

A pie chart one-half full, illustrating that the objective is somewhat complete

Description: Waterloo launched electric vehicle charging stations on East Campus in 2018, which have been highly utilized.

Only a small proportion of vehicles traveling to campus are electric or hybrid-electric, illustrating strong growth opportunities. 

Objective O8:

By 2025, reduce fossil fuel consumption across the campus fleet by 25% from a 2015 baseline

Progress: Started

A pie chart one-quarter full, illustrating that the objective has been started

Description: Waterloo does not currently have a cohesive fleet management approach to reduce fuel consumption or increase efficiency. However, the replacement of aging vehicles with more fuel-efficient models has helped bring down some fuel consumption. Targeted replacement of appropriate vehicles to right-sized or electric models at their end of life must be made to continue this momentum and enable Waterloo to reach its objective.

Objective O9:

By 2025, all University grounds will be maintained according to sustainable landscaping standards, and plans developed for remediation and preservation of specific natural areas of concern

Progress: Not started

An empty pie chart, illustrating that the objective has not been started

Description: Waterloo’s grounds team already follows many of the management practices necessary to develop a sustainable landscape standard.

However, further effort is needed to develop the standard and adjust remaining practices.