Academic counselling deals with all aspects of your academic career.

  • Year promotion and term decisions
  • Study skills
  • Options in engineering programs
  • Course selection and enrolment - including Complementary Studies Electives (CSE's)
  • Taking courses at another university
  • Transfers within the Faculty of Engineering or to another program in another faculty or university
  • Disciplinary and academic offences (cheating and plagiarism)
  • Sickness and medical certificates (missed exams)
  • Deferred and supplemental exams

SYDE and BME students in all years of study have access to our own Systems Design and Biomedical Engineering advisors.

Within the Faculty of Engineering, all students in their first year have access to faculty-wide advisors.

Academic issues can sometimes be mixed up with personal problems (relationship issues, death in the family, etc.). Whatever the problem, engineering counselling and the University of Waterloo Counselling Services.

For emergencies, these resources are all available by telephone, in some cases 24 hours a day.