Duplicate diploma

We offer two options to order duplicate diplomas:

  1. Using your University of Waterloo username and password, login to our online e-commerce Duplicate Diploma Request Form.
  2. Complete our Duplicate Diploma Request Form (PDF) if you do not have a University of Waterloo username and password.

Duplicate diplomas can only be ordered once a student convocates and has obtained an original copy of their diploma. Diplomas are produced in the current 15.5" X 10.5" size. Diplomas issued prior to 2011 were issued in a different size and that size cannot be replicated.

Gender neutral degree nomenclature

Gender-neutral degree nomenclature (Baccalaureate, Magisteriate): Graduates who have previously been awarded a UWaterloo degree may request that their degree be re-issued in the gender-neutral nomenclature.

Note: The gender-neutral term (Baccalaureate, Magisteriate) will only appear on your diploma. Transcripts and any degree verification will only refer to the traditional nomenclature (Bachelor, Master). This terminology discrepancy between documents may result in border-crossing issues.

We process requests daily, Monday to Friday, except when the University is closed.