Duplicate diploma

How to order duplicate diplomas:

  1. Using your University of Waterloo username and password, log in to our online e-commerce Duplicate Diploma Request FormIf you are unable to log in to your account complete the Forgotten username and/or Forgotten password self-serve forms. If you are still unable to access your account connect with Service Desk to reset your password manually. Service Desk can also create an account for anyone that has graduated with a degree from the University of Waterloo.

Duplicate diplomas are identical to the original diploma, with the exception of the word "duplicate" which appears at the bottom of the document. You may order as many duplicate diplomas as you require.

Duplicate diploma requests are typically processed within five business days, plus delivery. 

Gender neutral degree nomenclature

Gender-neutral degree nomenclature (Baccalaureate, Magisteriate): Graduates who have previously been awarded a UWaterloo degree may request that their degree be re-issued in the gender-neutral nomenclature.

Note: The gender-neutral term (Baccalaureate, Magisteriate) will only appear on your diploma. Transcripts and any degree verification will only refer to the traditional nomenclature (Bachelor, Master). This terminology discrepancy between documents may result in border-crossing issues.

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