Request for early diploma

Early diploma requests are reserved for students with unique circumstances only. 

Requirements to receive a diploma prior to convocation: 

To qualify for an early diploma, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have a time-sensitive application for a TN (or TN1) Visa, upload your fully-signed US job offer that includes your start date, which can be up to 30 days after your convocation ceremony.
  • You have other immigration-related circumstances that require an early diploma, upload proof of requirement or meet with an Immigration Consultant and upload validation of the requirement.
  • You have an educational opportunity that requires your diploma (as opposed to evidence of degree completion) upload communication from the academic institution stating the original diploma is a requirement.
  • You have a professional opportunity that requires your diploma (as opposed to evidence of degree completion), you must obtain and submit a request from your proposed employer, on their letterhead, that indicates that the diploma is necessary for your appointment. 

Note: Personal information, such as salary, can be redacted from the documents for privacy purposes.

Ordering and processing information

If you have an urgent need to receive your original diploma prior to convocation, submit a Request for Early Diploma. There is a $50 non-refundable fee and you will be required to upload your supporting documents/proof of need. If you aren't sure if you meet the qualifications, email for clarification before placing your order. 

Early diplomas can be sent by courier at no additional fee or can be made available for pick up.

If you receive an early diploma, you will not receive a diploma at an in-person convocation ceremony.

Requests for Early Diplomas submitted within three weeks of the first convocation ceremony cannot be considered and will be cancelled.

Early diplomas are sent with the information which is confirmed at the time they are printed. It is possible that credentials such as "with distinction" or "Dean's honours" could be confirmed after the early diploma has been printed. If you wish to have your diploma updated to include credentials that were confirmed after printing, you can order a Replacement Diploma

Undergraduate students

The convocation checklist is a helpful tool which includes steps you must take for graduation. You must apply to graduate before submitting your order for an early diploma, and you cannot submit your order before your final term of study. Orders submitted too early may be cancelled.

If you completed your degree in a prior term, your order can be processed when received.

If you are in your final term of study, early diplomas cannot be processed before the end of the final exam period. They can take up to three weeks from the start of the next term to receive all faculty approvals. This is normally done by the date official grades are released.

Student’s with a start date before date official grades are released, should negotiate a later start date with their potential employer as the diploma cannot be released before this date.

Graduate students

Requests for early diplomas can only be submitted once “Degree Awarded” appears at the top of your unofficial transcript. Orders submitted too early may be cancelled.

If the degree awarded section is not showing on your unofficial transcript, please contact your department/program coordinator and ensure that they have submitted all completion paperwork to the Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs office. Once the paperwork is submitted, “degree awarded” will appear on your transcript within 3-5 business days.

Early diploma requests are processed within two weeks, provided that valid supporting documents are submitted and degree awarded appears on your transcript.

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