January wrap up: Student Life

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
by Reid McRob

With the start of a new year, St. Paul’s Student Life remained the same: a joy-filled community that continues to come together even in the hardest of times.  

Through what is hopefully the last round of large restrictions in Ontario, the St. Paul’s community continued to find safe ways to share life with each other. A lot of the time this meant that gatherings were outdoors, but that didn't stop anyone. Just after the big January storm, several dons invited their floors to go to the big hill outside of St. Paul’s for tobogganing. As the snow from the storm cleared and the weather mellowed, the St. Paul’s skating rink opened. Students looking to leave residence for a while and have fun outdoors can just walk into their backyard and throw on some skates. And the fun didn’t stop there, our don team is constantly working hard to find ways to build community with their floors and they deserve the same in return. So, the don team went tubing at Chicopee and it was a blast!  

Capping off January and a very fun month in the outdoors, the St. Paul’s community participated in Bell Let’s Talk day on January 26, 2022. The Student Life department gave away free hats and mental health care kits to students who filled out speech bubbles in Watson’s eatery, answering the question “What do you do for your mental health?”.  

We can't wait to see what next month brings to our community!  

students enjoying winter activities