GreenHouse releases the first Impact Report recognizing the achievements of 25 cohorts of youth innovators

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
by Erin Hogan

GreenHouse is proud to help students find purpose, take action, and create impact. In the Winter of 2022, GreenHouse celebrated a significant milestone with the 25th Social Impact Showcase. Our first Impact Report was created to recognize 25 cohorts of youth innovators making progress towards social and environmental impact. 

The Impact Report provides a summary of GreenHouse's impact to date, honours some recent alumni achievements, and recaps the most recent Social Impact Showcase. Celebrate this significant achievement with us by witnessing GreenHouse’s evolution since its establishment in 2013 and congratulating our most recent cohort of innovators. 

We’d like to thank our wide community of supporters and extend a special thank you to our public relations intern, Ana, who led the creation of this report. 

To explore how GreenHouse can help you make an impact, contact us.

Read the Impact Report

Impact Report cover