André Moreau (BA ’13) receives student leadership award and gives valedictory address at McGill Law convocation

Monday, June 3, 2019

Andre Moreau
Congratulations are in order for young alumnus and former St. Paul’s employee André Moreau for completing a double degree in Law at McGill with distinction. He was one of six McGill students selected to receive the Gretta Chambers Student Leadership Award in recognition of demonstrated leadership and contribution to the advancement of the McGill community and he was selected by his peers to deliver the valedictory address at the 2019 McGill Law convocation.

André was well known around St. Paul’s and Waterloo for being an energetic and outgoing student who championed causes and inspired others to get involved with the campus community. He is remembered fondly for his efforts to grow student interest in the weekly soup lunch which builds community within the Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre. He tackled all sorts of interesting and delicious soup recipes, giving special care to those which represented his Franco, Métis and Dutch descent.

After graduating in 2013, he stuck around St. Paul’s and UW for about a year and a half to focus on Indigenous student recruitment before moving on to pursue law.  

When asked what is on the horizon for the future he tells us he is busy studying for the Ontario Bar and plans to begin articling in August with the National Judicial Institute in Ottawa.

Congratulations André, your friends at St. Paul’s and the Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre are proud of you!

Andre Moreau

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