International Development students return from field placements

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Twenty-seven fourth-year International Development (INDEV) students return to campus on Monday, April 27 after two terms interning with local development organizations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Placed through the World University Service of Canada in countries such as Senegal, Ghana, Nepal, Peru, Vietnam, Botswana, and Burkina Faso, the students will have a week of debriefing and then make final presentations at a capstone event at St. Paul’s University College on Friday, May 1.

“What I learned in Senegal couldn’t have been taught in a classroom: It is life experience,” said Lexi Salt, who interned with a women’s network in Dakar. “I have learned lots about international development in practice, agriculture in Senegal, challenges faced by female farmers, and much more, such as the complexities of making a lasting difference.”

Gráinne Ryder, the program’s field placement coordinator, said, “We look forward to having the students back for this week because we can see how much they’ve grown and learned overseas. Each student’s experience is unique, but most come back with a greater resilience and capacity to handle complex problems. These are highly valued skills, not just in international development, but for any professional setting.”

The INDEV capstone event takes place in Alumni Hall at St Paul’s University College and is open to the University of Waterloo community.

The International Development program is delivered as a partnership between the Faculty of Environment’s School of Environment, Enterprise and Development and St Paul’s University College.

For more information, contact Gráinne Ryder, INDEV Field Placement Coordinator, or phone 519-885-1460 x201.

Lexi Salt and Gráinne Ryder with members of the National Rural Cooperation Network in Dakar.

Pictured above are Lexi Salt (third from the right) and Grainne Ryder (next to Lexi), along with members of the National Rural Cooperation Network in Dakar.