Maya Henderson and Jordyn Maywood receive the Tom Dabrowski Impact Award at the Stanley Knowles Lecture

Friday, October 7, 2022
Maya Henderson and Jordyn Maywood accept the Tom Dabrowski Impact Award

The Tom Dabrowski Impact Award is awarded annually to a United College student who puts the needs of others above their own, has made a lasting impact within the residence community, and has a natural knack for bringing people together. In 1972, Tom Dabrowski was a resident at United College while completing his math degree at the University of Waterloo. Tom was known for organizing campus events and is remembered for his outgoing and positive personality. After his passing in 2014, the Tom Dabrowski Impact Award was established to honour his lasting memory. This year at the Stanley Knowles Lecture, the award was given to two students Maya Henderson and Jordyn Maywood who have done an incredible job of fostering a sense of community for their peers at United College.

Award winner Jordyn Maywood is in her 2A term of biomedical engineering who is passionate about becoming an engineer who builds and innovates new biomedical devices that positively impact people’s health and quality of life. 

When Jordyn lived at United College, she was a part of the Autism spectrum disorder peer mentor program. She has gone above and beyond to enrich the lives of others and lead by example.

I am honoured to have received this award. I strive every day to be a positive role model for both myself and others.

Jordyn Maywood

Award winner Maya Henderson is in her second year of university completing a joint degree in Knowledge Integration and biology. Maya is a lifeguard for the university, a member of the lifesaving team, and works at the PAC (Physical Activities Complex) pool. She is also an executive on KISS (the Knowledge Integration Student Society) where she is currently the co-Director of Fundraising, and has held the positions of First-Year Rep and co-Director of KImmunity Development. Maya is most interested in working with people and problem solving and her life goal is to become a medical doctor and work for Doctors Without Borders!

Maya won the Tom Dabrowski award for her meaningful contribution to United College’s community environment.

I love to talk to and make connections with everyone I see, and I was able to do this at St. Paul’s (now United College), helping foster connections between groups of people… I live by the motto ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’

Maya Henderson