Riley Purdie wins the Bob Rosehart fellowship at the Stanley Knowles Lecture

Friday, October 7, 2022
Riley Purdie accepts the Bob Rosehart fellowship from principal Rick Myers

The Bob Rosehart fellowship is awarded to a returning student in Engineering who has made a positive impact at the college. In the very first year United College opened, Bob Rosehart was a resident and over the years demonstrated an exemplary academic career and service to the university community here at United College. This year at the Stanley Knowles lecture, to honour his kindness and hard work, the Bob Rosehart fellowship was awarded to Riley Purdie who has displayed strong academics and positive social contributions to her community.

Riley Purdie spent her first year living in United College residence and has since made a huge impact in the university community by maintaining excellent grades and getting involved in on campus activities. “I am happy to lend a hand in academics or elsewhere for any community members that need it,” says Riley. Currently, Riley is enrolled in her 2B term of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. In her spare time, Riley competes as a varsity athlete for the women’s golf team and is a representative for the Interuniversity (IU) council, a student-led committee consisting of Warrior varsity athletic teams.

I am deeply grateful to receive this award, and hope to live up to Mr. Rosehart’s legacy. I think if I was to have a motto it would be to live your life smiling; life can be hectic and overwhelming sometimes, it’s best to take it easy and be happy with what you have and what you experience. Oh, and don’t be afraid to make a splash! Your experiences can only be as grand as you imagine them so dream big!

Riley Purdie