St. Paul’s flu shot clinic

Monday, December 13, 2021

Flu season is upon us and it happens to coincide with the busiest part of our student’s semesters. Going into their exam season, it can be difficult to take extra time out of their day to get off campus and find a way to a pharmacy to receive their flu shots. But that doesn’t take away from the importance they see in protecting themselves and their community.

student recieving flu shot

As a trial, in hope of making the flu shot more accessible, St. Paul’s Student Life department arranged to have a Paramedic come to campus for an afternoon to offer students their flu shot in their home. The 45 availabilities that were offered were filled up within 24 hours and students truly appreciated having a flu shot clinic so available to them! 

Having my flu shotin my residence made it easier to get because I didn’t need to leave campus or take time out of my day to get to the pharmacy. It was really convenient because I could just walk upstairs after lunch and get it done!

Natalie Jokie, Current Student