Tight-knit community at St. Paul's provides opportunities for student to thrive

Friday, November 19, 2021

illustration of 5 people working and relaxing
In the thick of their semester, students are incredibly busy, staying on top of their schooling while finding balance with their social life. Many residents’ motivation to live at St. Paul’s was to have access to a smaller community, academic support and the opportunity to live with like-minded people in Living Learning Communities. Students are taking advantage of all the opportunities being offered to them and in turn, they feel supported academically and encouraged socially. The focus for students is academics however, they know if they have some spare time, there is always something fun to do.

Dami, a first-year Urban Planning student, applied to live at St. Paul’s because he wanted the experience that a Living Learning Community (LLC) offered. Throughout the pandemic, he found online schooling very isolating and difficult and liked the idea of having close proximity to friends and peers when he came to university. The community on his living-learning floor has helped him to be more successful in his classes because there are always people around to ask questions, read over assignments and bounce ideas off. While Dami has felt supported academically, he is really enjoying the social aspect of living at St. Paul’s. Going to school during Covid was a very lonely experience and the opportunities at St. Paul’s have allowed Dami to feel like he has been able to make up for the lost time.

When you’re free, there is always something to do.

Dami Awoleye - Current Student

The social environment that has been created at St. Paul’s is inclusive, welcoming and kind; students are pleasantly surprised by how easily they cross paths with the kindest people. Students see the work that their Dons are putting into creating this community and truly appreciate it. Dami has noticed more and more that there are always events, floor dinners and study sessions happening, so there is always something to occupy your time when you need it. Much like Dami, Jordyn applied to live at St. Paul’s because she wanted to live in the Women in Engineering Living Learning Community.

While her course load is a grind, her Peer Leader has been helping her to stay on top of school by hosting study sessions every Wednesday. Peer Leaders do so much for the students in their community; Jordyn excitedly participated in a party dedicated to applying to co-op jobs, Women in Engineering dinners at Watson’s and taking group LinkedIn Photos with other members of her LLC. Jordyn appreciates that her peers are also interested in being involved.

Everyone is excited to participate which makes it fun to actually participate.

Jordyn Maywood - Current Student

Living in residence, a new home away from home, can be intimidating but the welcoming community at St. Paul’s and the built-in support that is offered makes the experience so much more exciting!